MIVI is a national project funded by Business Finland and the participating companies. The consortium consists of software vendors, hardware vendors, car designers and an interdisciplinary group of researchers.  

MIVI aims at enabling multimodal interaction for in-vehicle infotainment systems. The solutions developed within the project aim to increase the ease of use of vehicle systems and build on the safety, comfort and added value they can provide.

We seek to integrate the best combination of sensory modalities for completing primary and secondary tasks while driving, and mediating complex information to the driver through different senses.

Scientific results will support the validity of the developed multimodal solutions, giving a competitive edge compared to present state-of-the-art systems. Artificial intelligent (AI) methods developed and applied throughout the project can be used to enhance MIVI systems. AI will analyze information collected inside and outside car as well as about driver’s state (e.g. focus of attention) in order to aid system hardware and software to choose best potential interaction methods for ongoing event.

For project details, see About MIVI.